Below is a list of shows we are attending…

We will not be at the “Robin” show in February as planned due to other commitments.

We will have a stand at Chilcon Sheffield 23rd March and hopefully Chilcon Derby later in the year.

We will be at the “Hammerhead” show 2nd March on the bring and sell table, happy to take orders to the show.

We will also I hope be at both “Partizan “shows 19th May & 18th August in Newark but with a public participation  game , 55 minutes  in Peking, 4′ Tartar wall by TMterrain, houses by Warbases and Adrianswalls and a couple of hundred figures from us. Many of the allied infantry should be out by then as well. While we may not have a trade stand we can bring orders to both shows and you do get your 10% discount.