Below is a list of shows we are attending…

2nd February 2020 “Vapnartak” in York [Hope to be back next year, great show]

16th February 2020 “Robin” in Nottingham, sorry but this show is cancelled.

14th March 2020  Hammerhead Newark, we are on the bring and sell tables but  can bring any orders with us. We are not trading as VM at this show.

17th May “Partizan” in Newark, we  have a trade stand and also have a demo game “Boxer rebellion”. Cancelled COVID19

11th October “Partizan” in Newark UK, if this goes ahead we have a trade stand and demo game.Cancelled COVID19

Not sure when our next show will be as Vapnartak  is also canceled for February  2021 COVID19.

You can email orders via and pay on the day.