Welcome to Victorious Military Figures

Welcome to Victorious Military Figures. We are a UK based company that stocks model soldiers.

The figures we sell come unpainted and are made in metal. They are bought by collectors, military modellers, painters of miniature figurines and people who play table top games.
If you are new to the hobby and don’t understand some of the terms we use to describe the figures, please feel free to email us and we’ll help with any inquiry. All the products can be bought on-line through our secure shopping cart.

We sell British Napoleonic figures for the war in Holland 1793-95 and Boxer rebellion 1898-1901.


Dropped of 7 new moulds for casting at Nick’s, Napoleonic infantry officers 4 new figures and Light infantry with Bicorne 5 new figures.

Chinese.   New Regular infantry with Mandarin silk hat both command and riflemen, also command with Turban and regular infantry with low turban/head scarf.

Boxers.    More head variations 8 Bandits/ riflemen, 4 Swordsmen and 4 with open hands, we have also got weapon packs, new halberd  and spear plus a shield.

Should have these in stock late next week and on the web site.


Keith @VM